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Category: Massage Therapy

Improving Plastic Surgery Results With Reiki, Massage, and Other Alternative Health Practices

Posted June 01, 2022 in Massage Therapy, Recovery

3 Minute Read:  The number of plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments performed is constantly increasing. In 2020 alone, over two million surgical procedures and over 13 million minimally invasive procedures were performed.  The main reason is that cosmetic surgery allows people to achieve the body and/or facial aesthetic they’ve always desired. No longer do men […]

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Why Are More Millennials Getting Massages?

Posted July 19, 2021 in Massage Therapy

3 Minute Read:  We live in a world with increasing stress, including stress at work, stress at home, stress over social media, and, most recently, stress due to COVID-19.  Millennials are also becoming increasingly interested in health and well-being, and they are using alternative therapies, including massage therapy, to help reduce stress in their lives. […]

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