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EMFACE® in Miami, FL

Daniel Careaga, MD
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EMFACE® in Miami, FL

As time passes, most women and men can’t avoid noticing significant changes in their facial appearance due to loose, sagging skin, volume loss, and wrinkles. These can be challenging to treat, especially without surgery. EMFACE® offers revolutionary new technology to simultaneously tighten skin and muscle without needles or downtime.

What Is EMFACE®?

EMFACE®️ has emerged as a revolutionary technology combining radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energies to lift, tone, and rejuvenate the face.

This technology induces powerful muscle contractions that are much more intense than can be achieved through voluntary muscle activity.

With its various applicators, the EMFACE®️ device not only strengthens and tones facial muscles but also helps improve the overall contour and definition of the face, jawline, and chin.

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Careaga Plastic Surgery - OR

Why Choose Careaga Plastic Surgery?

Offering the most cutting-edge technology, Careaga Plastic Surgery prides itself on meeting all of your cosmetic needs. This is why we are proud to be selected as one of the few providers for BTL Aesthetic’s advanced treatment, EMFACE®.

EMFACE®, like all of BTL’s technologies, aims to revolutionize the aesthetic industry by offering noticeable and desirable cosmetic improvements without surgery or downtime.

EMFACE®️ Submentum Treatment in Miami, Florida

Careaga Plastic Surgery was recently honored again to be among the first to receive the new upgrade to EMFACE®️, the Submentum applicator, designed specifically to target the submental region, commonly known as the double chin area.

This area is particularly prone to fat accumulation and skin laxity, leading to the appearance of a full chin and the loss of jawline definition. By targeting both fat and muscle, the treatment helps create a more defined and sculpted jawline.

Under the oversight of our board-certified plastic surgeons, you can trust that our non-surgical treatments are performed by qualified professionals. Your EMFACE® treatment will be provided by our highly experienced physician assistant, Reana Myers.

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What Are The Benefits Of EMFACE®?

Reduces Facial Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles start to develop as natural collagen and elastin production diminishes.

EMFACE® promotes the formation of new elastin and collagen fibers for smoother, younger-looking, and healthier skin without surgery or downtime.

Non-Surgical Face Lifting

Patients have several non-surgical treatment options to minimize wrinkles or tighten skin; however, these treatments do not provide the lifting capability seen with EMFACE®.

Patients can return to their normal daily routines immediately following treatment, as there is no significant downtime or recovery period.

No Facial Injections

Some men and women desire facial rejuvenation treatments but avoid procedures like injectable treatments or facelift surgery due to concerns over needles and incisions. EMFACE® is an entirely non-surgical treatment that does not require needles.

Comprehensive Facial Coverage

The combination of RF and HIFEM technologies provides a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation by simultaneously reducing fat, tightening skin, and toning muscles on the face, jawline, and chin.

While not designed to treat loose neck skin, EMFACE® can also positively impact this area.

Whether you are looking for a more defined jaw or lifted cheeks, this option is for you!

How Does EMFACE® Work?

A simple 20-minute treatment, EMFACE® combines two powerful technologies to tighten skin and muscle using a hands-free device. Most patients require a series of four treatments spaced up to two weeks apart.

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Have Other EMFACE® Concerns?

What Is Recovery Like After EMFACE®?

This non-surgical treatment requires no downtime, with some patients reporting minor and temporary skin irritations such as crusting and blistering.

Does EMFACE® Leave Scars?

EMFACE® requires no needles or incisions. Because of this, there will be no scars following treatment.

How Long Does It Take To See Results From EMFACE®?

While some patients have reported seeing initial improvement after a single session, most patients see gradual tightening and improvement in their faces throughout the sessions, which continue to improve over the following three to six months.

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How Much Does EMFACE® Cost In Miami?

The total price of your EMFACE® treatment will depend on the extent of your treatment and how many sessions are necessary. You can discuss payment and financing options during your consultation with our Careaga Plastic Surgery staff.

EMFACE® Financing

Careaga Plastic Surgery does everything possible to ensure our services are affordable for our patients and provides financing options to help. These programs are tailored to meet your personal needs and include:

  • ALPHAEON CREDIT®: This lifestyle healthcare focuses on helping you be the best you possible.
  • CareCredit®: This financing option can be used multiple times without reapplying and acts like a credit card for all cosmetic needs.
  • United Medical Credit: This option provides various plans, instant decisions, and no prepayment penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions About EMFACE®

  • EMFACE® is appropriate for qualifying candidates looking to reduce wrinkles, restore tighter-looking and acting skin, and lift facial muscles. This treatment does not require lasers or needles and can be safely used on all skin types.

  • Patients do not need to do much to prepare for their EMFACE® treatment. Before your treatment, remove any makeup and jewelry in the area and clean your face well. Avoid using lotions or skin products on the day of your treatment. For men, be sure to shave your face prior to treatment.

  • Side effects are rare with EMFACE®, with the most common being temporary skin damage, including crusting and blistering.

  • EMFACE® is a non-surgical treatment that does not require anesthesia. Patients report feeling comfortable heat; however, this should not cause burning or pain. If you feel any discomfort during the treatment, notify Reana immediately.

  • EMFACE® is created by BTL Aesthetics, the makers of the well-known Emsculpt® and Emsculpt Neo®devices. While these treatments work with similar energies, only EMFACE® allows for treatment on the face. Emsculpt® and Emsculpt Neo® are used to help strengthen and create muscle mass in the abdomen and adjacent areas.

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