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What to Expect From Laser Hair Removal

Posted September 21, 2018 in Laser Hair Removal

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Miami is known for its beautiful weather, and almost every day is a good day to go to the beach and show off your bikini body. If you are wanting to expose some skin to beat the heat, you will likely want to prepare with hair removal techniques. Many patients dread the thought of plucking, […]

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Is It Time for a Breast Lift?

Posted August 27, 2018 in Breast Lift

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A breast lift is performed to restore youthfulness and shape to sagging breasts. Unfortunately, there will likely come a time for every woman when the shape and position of their breasts change and lose their youthful perkiness. While every woman experiences some degree of this, this alteration still affects the confidence and self-esteem of many […]

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Should You Combine Procedures?

Posted July 24, 2018 in Combined Procedures

Collage of female body combing procedures with the drawing arrows

An increasing number of patients are turning to plastic surgery to address their insecurities and enhance their confidence and self-image. While some patients only have that one area that nags at them, many patients find that their trouble areas either extend to multiple body areas or are extensive enough that a single procedure won’t reach […]

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Tired of Stubborn Fat?

Posted June 08, 2018 in Liposuction, SculpSure™

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For most people, the answer to the question above is a resounding YES! Pockets of stubborn fat plague just about everyone, and, sometimes, even the healthiest diet and strictest exercise regimens are not enough to combat the deviousness of the unwanted fat. Fortunately, there are several cosmetic options available to finally get the upper hand […]

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How Do the 2017 Statistics Compare?

Posted May 28, 2018 in Top Procedures of 2017

Top Five Surgical Procedures of 2017

Every year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) releases a comprehensive analysis of all cosmetic procedures performed for the previous year. These reports allow for clarification of which cosmetic procedures are growing in popularity and which are maintaining their top spots. If these reports prove anything, it’s that the desire to look our best […]

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