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A slim and toned appearance is a desire shared by both men and women. Unfortunately, stubborn pockets of fat accumulate on the abdomen, hips, and thighs, and these pockets are often impossible to get rid of with regular diet and exercise. While there are several surgical options available to reduce stubborn fat, not everyone is ready to commit to surgery or is able to set aside the time required for recovery. For these patients, Careaga Plastic Surgery is proud to offer SculpSure® at his state-of-the-art facility. SculpSure® is the first light-based body contouring system available for the reduction of fat. If you want to enjoy a slimmer and trimmer contour without surgery or downtime, then SculpSure® may be for you.

Why Choose Careaga Plastic Surgery?

Careaga Plastic Surgery provides cutting-edge technology in an immaculate and serene setting that is ideally suited to fit your cosmetic desires. The dedicated and professional staff at Careaga Plastic Surgery have an abundance of experience in the beautification industry, and Dr. Daniel Careaga And Dr. Paul Durand have had years of higher education, training, and experience, which is evident in their extensive career as plastic surgeons. Both Dr. Careaga and Dr. Durand are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. At Careaga Plastic Surgery, you can expect the best possible aesthetic in the safest and most comfortable setting.

SculpSure® Can Provide:


SculpSure® Treatment Areas

  • Abdomen

    A “pooched” abdomen is an issue shared by many men and women and can be one of the most challenging areas to target with diet and exercise. Between aging, pregnancy, and childbirth, the abdomen is a typical trouble spot for patients and is one of the most desirable areas of treatment. SculpSure® on the abdomen can finally reduce those stubborn fat cells to result in a firmer core.

  • Flanks

    Although the name may sound appealing, “love handles” are anything but, and they can negatively affect self-image and your confidence to wear tight clothes. SculpSure® targets fat cells in the flanks to provide smoother and more trim hips.

  • Thighs

    Fat can accumulate on the inner and outer thighs and can be difficult to get rid of. SculpSure® can smooth and tighten all areas of the upper thighs to reveal sculpted legs.

  • Back

    SculpSure® offers a permanent reduction of fat cells on the back to reveal a slimmer contour.

  • Under The Chin

    SculpSure® is now FDA-approved for treatment of the submental area, (the area beneath the chin). This technology can now help in the removal of a double chin.



  • Recovery

    There is no anesthetic or incision required for this procedure. During the treatment, you may feel a deep warmth or tingling sensation; however, this is combated with intermittent cooling so that your procedure remains comfortable. You will not experience any pain or discomfort following the treatment session.

  • Scars

    SculpSure® is not a surgical procedure and, therefore, will not create scarring.

  • Cost

    The cost of your SculpSure® treatment depends on the number of areas treated and the number of treatments required. During your initial consultation, the staff at Careaga Plastic Surgery will provide you with an accurate cost estimate.

  • Downtime

    SculpSure® is entirely non-invasive, and there is no downtime for this treatment. You can return to work and your normal activities immediately following your SculpSure® session.

Sculpsure Financing

Careaga Plastic Surgery does everything they can to ensure that their services are affordable for every patient. Providing financing options is just one of the ways we try to help with this part of the process. These programs can be used individually or combined to fit your personal needs. We currently have three financing options available:

  • ALPHAEON: A lifestyle healthcare that focuses on helping you be the best you possible. For patients who would like to use their healthcare in more instances than only when they are sick.
  • CareCredit®: A financing option that can be used multiple times without having to reapply. This credit can be used to fund procedures for your entire family.
  • United Medical Credit: This option comes with multiple plans to choose from, instant decisions, and no pre-payment penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I see my results?

    The fat cells destroyed in this procedure are gradually eliminated from the body. Results become noticeable at six weeks, with optimal results usually seen at 12 weeks.

  • How many treatments will I need?

    Most patients require multiple treatments to reach their desired results. The number of treatments needed will depend on the amount of correction desired. During your consultation, the staff at Careaga Plastic Surgery will advise you on the number of treatments needed for your goal.

  • How long are the treatments?

    Treatment sessions are quick and comfortable. The SculpSure® procedure is performed in as little as 25 minutes per treatment area, and each treatment session can destroy up to 24 percent of fat cells in the treated area.

  • How does SculpSure® work?

    During your SculpSure® session, SculpSure® frames are secured over the treatment area, and applicators are placed on the frames. From here, targeted laser energy heats the fat cells under the skin’s surface without damaging the skin. By heating these cells, the structural integrity is damaged; over the following weeks and months, your body will naturally eliminate the fat.

  • Will my results last?

    The fat cells destroyed in this procedure are gone for good and will not regenerate. However, remaining fat cells can still grow. To ensure long-lasting results, you should maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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