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Will Weight Gain or Weight Loss Change My Breast Implants?

Posted September 08, 2020 in Breast Augmentation

2 Minute Read: 

Some women who choose to undergo breast augmentation early on in life experience weight changes later on. They may go through some weight gain, weight loss, or cycles of both (especially during and after pregnancy). 

Woman with arm draped over shapely breasts that are possible with breast augmentation.

If you are currently in this situation, you might be wondering if your weight gain or weight loss can change your breast implants.

Will Weight Changes Impact My Breast Implants?

Gaining or losing a few pounds will not have any consequences on your breast implants’ shape. However, significant weight changes impact the way your breast implants look in your chest. 

While the implants’ integrity won’t be impacted, weight fluctuations change the appearance of the breasts. For example, significant weight loss can lead to your breast implants drooping, ruining your previously full and firm breast aesthetic.

Alternatively, weight gain can cause your breasts to increase naturally. If you chose a cup size you were previously happy with, this increase could make you feel uncomfortable in your body.

With both weight loss and weight gain, the implant may move slightly in one direction, becoming noticeable. This is especially unfortunate if only one implant moves, making your breasts asymmetrical.

Generally speaking, you should be as close to a manageable weight as possible before you have breast augmentation. You want to avoid weight fluctuations of approximately 20 pounds or more to reduce the breasts’ risk of change. This may be especially difficult during pregnancy.

How Do I Fix Breast Implants That Have Changed?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, individuals who have experienced migration of their breast implants may want to consider breast revision surgery. This surgery can move the implants back into place, reshape the breast implant pocket (if necessary), and fix any other imperfections. 

Additionally, breast revision surgery could be a great time to get a breast lift or choose a different breast implant size to match your new weight.

As soon as you notice a breast implant change, book a consultation with your plastic surgeon. They will advise the best way to rectify the situation. You do not want to ignore breast implant shifts, as they may continue to change if not corrected.

Interested in Learning More About Breast Augmentation in Miami, FL?

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