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Category: Breast Implant Removal

Will I Need a Breast Lift After Implant Removal?

Posted February 01, 2021 in Breast Implant Removal, Breast Lift

2 Minute Read:  Women who had large breast implants or implants for long periods may discover that their breasts sag once the implants are gone. Fortunately, breast lift surgery is an effective surgery to restore breast shape after implant removal.  Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) is commonly combined with breast implant removal to reposition sagging breasts […]

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Removing Breast Implants: What Does It Entail?

Posted July 29, 2019 in Breast Implant Removal

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Women decide to get breast implants for many reasons: to enhance their confidence, to return volume and youthfulness to their breasts after pregnancy, to feel more comfortable with their body, and many other reasons. And while many women are extremely satisfied with their implants after breast augmentation, others may decide to part ways with their […]

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