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High Definition Liposuction vs. Emsculpt®

Posted March 13, 2019 in Emsculpt®, Liposuction

When it comes to defined abdominal or buttocks muscles, strenuous activities can help produce firmer muscles but often leaves people frustrated with remaining stubborn fat deposits. Diet and exercise are typically inadequate to abolish all of our fat. Luckily, patients have the option to undergo the non-surgical option of Emsculpt® or high definition liposuction to achieve tighter muscles and less fat. This blog will discuss what each procedure entails so you can decide which option will work best for you. Dr. Careaga is happy to schedule a consultation with you to discuss your options and which treatment will yield the best results.

High Definition Liposuction

The goal of high definition liposuction is to remove a specific amount of excess fat and leave a small deposit of fat remaining to give the illusion of abs. The fat left in the body is repositioned to appear more muscular in the desired areas. This procedure can be tricky to ensure that the desired results are achieved using fat deposits. High definition liposuction techniques usually involve making a small incision in the treatment area to insert a tiny tube to suction fat out. These procedures require some downtime to heal.

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This revolutionary, non-invasive technology uses extreme intensity electromagnetic energy to penetrate the skin and create strong muscle contractions. Regular exercise and diet can help address stomach or rear-end fat, but with Emsculpt®, muscles are exposed to such strong contractions that the tissue is forced to respond with a deep core remodeling. This restructuring creates firm muscles and toned definition. After four sessions, results can form greater than doing over 20,000 abdominal crunches or butt exercises. There is no downtime after undergoing treatments, and patients feel as though they have completed an extreme workout.

Which Option Is Best for Me?

While some patients prefer the method of liposuction to achieve their desired goals, it is becoming common to opt for non-invasive treatments for excellent results. Emsculpt® is a great tool for stronger, tighter muscles and reduced abdominal and posterior fat deposits. It is important to note that liposuction can be performed to remove excess fat, while Emsculpt® defines and builds the ab muscles. Comparing the results from liposuction techniques to Emsculpt® treatments, it appears that the latter can provide more extreme results to match what most patients are seeking. Dr. Careaga can discuss the differences in each method’s outcomes to help you decide which approach will achieve your desired results.

If you are concerned about your excess fat and want to tone up your abs and backside, call our office today to schedule a consultation! Our office can be reached by calling (305) 960-7511.


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