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Category: Emsculpt®

What Is HIFEM® Technology?

Posted February 15, 2021 in Emsculpt NEO®, Emsculpt®

2 Minute Read:  An Emsculpt Neo® treatment includes four 30-minute non-surgical sessions to reduce fat, enhance muscle tone, and contour the body—giving patients complete body definition as opposed to simple fat reduction.  HIFEM® technology is the element responsible for these transformative results. Here is a closer look at what HIFEM® is and how it improves […]

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Is Emsculpt Neo® the New Gold Standard of Fat Reduction?

Posted January 26, 2021 in Body Sculpting, Emsculpt®

2 Minute Read:  Have you always wanted to reduce fat and tone muscle at the same time? Have you looked into weight loss devices but don’t know where to start? The vast amount of fat loss products in circulation today can make it challenging to choose which treatment option is best for your needs. Luckily, […]

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How Does Emsculpt® Differ From Liposuction?

Posted May 19, 2020 in Emsculpt®

4 Min Read:The term body contouring can be difficult to decipher. There are dozens of products and procedures that promise it, and many of them rely on different definitions. Some include fat removal in their description, while others do not. Others affirm that body contouring is exclusively muscle-based, while others call injectables designed to break […]

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Is It Too Late for Summer Muscles?

Posted July 09, 2019 in Emsculpt®

mid section of fit woman in bikini on the beach on a sunny day-img-blog

With the heat of summer officially upon us, some men and women may be feeling disheartened by the realization that the months of working out and eating right have not provided the muscle definition that they wanted. Everyone wants to look and feel their best during summer outings to the beach, but unfortunately, even with […]

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High Definition Liposuction vs. Emsculpt®

Posted March 13, 2019 in Emsculpt®, Liposuction

Couple Laughing on Beach

When it comes to defined abdominal or buttocks muscles, strenuous activities can help produce firmer muscles but often leaves people frustrated with remaining stubborn fat deposits. Diet and exercise are typically inadequate to abolish all of our fat. Luckily, patients have the option to undergo the non-surgical option of Emsculpt® or high definition liposuction to […]

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