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Does Diet Factor Into Your Recovery?

Posted April 02, 2019 in Recovery

Your recovery period is one of the most important parts of your plastic surgery journey. Your actions during this time not only affect the final quality of your results, but they can also change the rate at which your body heals and how soon you will be ready to greet the world again. While resting and relaxing are at the forefront of a swift and smooth recovery period, they are not the only things that can affect how your body heals. Another crucial factor is your diet.

Your Recovery Diet

Even if we choose to ignore it once in a while, we all know that eating a nutritious diet and moderating “comfort foods” will help your overall health. This fact is even more essential after a surgical procedure, such as liposuction or a tummy tuck. After your operation, your body is weakened, and it is a good idea to treat food as medicine. You can stimulate your body’s natural healing response merely by choosing the right types of food.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Dehydration is a common concern after any surgery. Your incisions need fluids to heal, and many individuals do not get enough water throughout the day, even when they are not recovering from a surgical procedure. Constipation is another concern after surgery and drinking lots of water can help prevent this. Everyone should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water every day regardless, and this is all the more crucial when you are trying to heal.

Protein Is Your Friend

Protein helps repair and build tissue. This is precisely what you need to happen during your recovery. Skin, tissues, and muscles are all damaged during surgery, and consuming an adequate amount of protein will stimulate their healing response. You can get protein from shakes and supplements, but the best way to get your daily protein is through the foods you eat. Protein-rich foods include lean meats like fish and poultry, milk, eggs, soy, beans, and legumes. Just be sure that you can easily digest any food you eat, since constipation and an upset stomach are the last things you want when you are healing from a tummy tuck.

Stimulate Your Cells

Just as protein repairs tissues, consuming the right vitamins promotes cell regeneration, reduces inflammation, and fights infection. Vitamins A and C, zinc, and bromelain all contribute to a speedier, healthier recovery.

What Else Affects Your Recovery?

Following your operation, Dr. Careaga will give you instructions about how to care for your incisions, including how to clean and care for them to prevent infection. Several factors affect your recovery from cosmetic surgery. The best way to stay healthy during your recovery is to follow all of Dr. Careaga’s pre- and post-operative instructions, as they are given to help you. Getting enough rest, following a nutritious diet, and protecting your incisions with a good skincare routine will ensure that you heal well inside and out.

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