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Cortex Laser System – Miami Skin Rejuvenation

Posted December 10, 2015 in Plastic Surgery

Why feel bad about your damaged skin when you could do something about it? Treatments with our state-of-the-art Sandstone Cortex laser system give patients rejuvenated skin that looks and feels smoother and tighter, skin that radiates with the natural glow of youth.

With our Cortex laser system, patients can experience correction of a variety of skin issues. Pigmented lesions can be lightened, and tiny unwanted spider veins on the face can be removed. Enlarged pores can also be made smaller, and lighter acne scars and fine lines can be smoothed away.

To find out more about what our Cortex laser system can do for your skin, speak to skilled surgeon Dr. Daniel Careaga during a consultation at our office. Contact us to schedule an informative consultation.


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