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Acne Laser Therapy – Treatments Miami Acneic Skin

Posted January 14, 2016 in Plastic Surgery

If you are experiencing acne with inflamed skin, we are able to treat this condition with the help of acne laser therapy.

The turnover rate of the skin is the rate at which old cells are shed and new cells grow and replace them. There is a turnover rate of around 28 days for clear, acne-free skin cells.

The turnover rate for skin suffering from acne is slower than 28 days. This is due to the excess of oil in the tissues. Because of this slower turnover rate, the quality of the skin declines. To correct the inflammation of the skin cells, we use acne laser therapy.

Ready to arrange a consultation to learn more about acne laser therapy and the treatment process? Schedule an appointment by contacting our office. You’ll be able to meet with experienced surgeon Dr. Daniel Careaga, who will explain the procedure in depth and answer any questions you may have.


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