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5 Benefits of Facelift Surgery

Posted August 02, 2019 in Facelift

Facelift surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available today. It allows men and women the ability to restore youthful contours after experiencing the changes brought on by time, sun damage, and lifestyle choices like smoking and lack of proper skincare.

While many non-invasive procedures claim to be alternatives to a surgical facelift, none of them offer the same level of results or depth of correction as the traditional technique.

Restoration of Facial Volume

The loss or displacement of volume, especially around the midface, is a noticeable aspect of facial aging. Facelift surgery uses incisions made along the hairline through which sagging skin and muscles are lifted and tightened, and facial fat is repositioned. This process returns a healthy fullness to your face. After a facelift, your cheeks will appear rounder and will sit higher.

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Lessening of Facial Creases

Nasolabial folds, lines above the lips, and loose skin above the jawline are common age-related developments. With time, your body produces lower amounts of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid—and their levels are reduced even further with sun damage and harmful environments. As these proteins keep your facial tissues taut, smooth, and healthy-looking, their loss results in noticeable changes to the skin. Facelift surgery tightens these sagging tissues and restores them to their original positions. This relieves the pressure on the tissues that cause wrinkles and creases to form.

Reduction of Jowls

When the skin and underlying muscles in the mid and lower regions of the face break down, they fall toward the jawline. These are jowls—pockets of skin and tissues that have gathered along the jawline from higher on the face. Facelift surgery lifts and secures the sagging tissues, lessening the appearance of jowls.


Smoothing of Neck Laxity

The skin on the neck is susceptible to the ravages of time and sun damage, and unfortunately, it does not always receive the same amount of TLC as facial skin does. Genetics, sun exposure, and gravity result in vertical neck banding and excess pockets of neck fat that make the face above it appear older than it should. Neck lift surgery is commonly performed alongside a facelift to maintain balance and harmony between the face and neck. The vertical bands and skin laxity will be lessened, and liposuction can remove small pockets of fat that may be contributing to an aged appearance.

Natural-looking Results

There was a time when facelift surgery was performed by pulling the skin back horizontally but leaving the rest of the facial tissues alone. This may have reduced the appearance of wrinkles; however, it provided an unnatural result and gave patients a wind-tunneled look. Fortunately, facelift surgery techniques have improved, and by addressing the underlying features as well as the skin, you can feel assured that your result will be both natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing. A facelift will not change your facial structure; a facelift will restore a rested and rejuvenated appearance. Ideal results should not be too obvious; others should notice that something has changed, but they should not be able to identify what was done.

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