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4 Tips on How to Avoid Revision Rhinoplasty

Posted March 10, 2021 in Revision Rhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty

3 Minute Read: 

No one likes unnecessary surgeries, especially when it is a surgery to correct the defects of a previous surgery. Unfortunately, even with plastic surgery procedures that enhance aesthetics, this is sometimes unavoidable. Revision procedures are seen across the spectrum of cosmetic surgeries; however, they may be most common with rhinoplasty (nose surgery).Plastic surgeon performing a rhinoplasty surgery in the operating room.

Cosmetic surgery centers report that rhinoplasty revision is sought by roughly 15 percent of patients who undergo rhinoplasty

Nose surgery is arguably one of the most complex surgeries in the world of plastic surgery, and, sometimes, surgical or healing complications compromise the results or impact your breathing abilities (even if your surgeon executed everything perfectly).

While it may feel as though you are tossing a coin after a rhinoplasty treatment in terms of whether you will need additional surgery, there are ways to help minimize the need for additional treatment.

Why Do People Get Rhinoplasty Revision?

How Does Revision Rhinoplasty Differ From Initial Rhinoplasty?

What Can Patients Do to Have Their First Rhinoplasty Be Their Last?

Find the Right Doctor

Protect Your New Nose

Do Your Research

Listen to Your Doctor

Why Do People Get Rhinoplasty Revision?

People typically get rhinoplasty revision because they are unhappy with the appearance of their new nose or they have functionality problems with their new nose (difficulty breathing or snoring).

How Does Revision Rhinoplasty Differ From Initial Rhinoplasty?

The primary difference between initial and revision rhinoplasty is that, during revision rhinoplasty, the plastic surgeon is correcting a nose that has already been worked on. While this is not a concern for a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon like Dr. Durand, it does mean that the nasal structure may be weaker than it was during the initial nose surgery.

Extra care—and a few extra surgical steps—must be taken to protect nasal strength and ensure optimal results. 

After a revision rhinoplasty procedure, patients are able to enjoy the nose they wanted but didn’t get the first time around.

What Can Patients Do to Have Their First Rhinoplasty Be Their Last?

1. Find the Right Doctor

Always choose a skilled plastic surgeon. Dr. Durand is board-certified in plastic surgery and a rhinoplasty specialist.

2. Protect Your New Nose

Your full recovery can take up to a year for your nose to settle in its place. During that time, you want to avoid activities that might injure your nose or take extra precautions to protect the nose.

3. Do Your Research

Do your research before your initial rhinoplasty to know precisely what aesthetics you want out of your nose job. This includes:

  • Looking at the before and afters of the doctor you are selecting
  • Talking with past nose job patients about their results so you can learn what they wish they did differently
  • Bringing pictures to your consultation of noses you would like to emulate—this will ensure you and your doctor are on the same page about the outcomes

4. Listen to Your Doctor

Follow all of your doctor’s recommendations for your recovery. Surgery recovery is just as crucial to the final results as the procedure itself. There is no guarantee that your nose will heal exactly as it should, and the surgeon has no control over that. Because of that uncertainty, it is essential to follow all instructions to give yourself the best shot at healing correctly.

Interested in Learning More About Rhinoplasty or Revision Rhinoplasty in Miami?

If your initial rhinoplasty didn’t match your expectations or your rhinoplasty didn’t heal as planned, a revision rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Durand is still available to help you achieve the aesthetic and functional results you want. 

Dr. Durand is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a nose specialist with years of experience with both initial and revision rhinoplasty. He has the knowledge and skill to deal with the delicate intricacies of this complex procedure and has provided many patients with the nose of their dreams. Book an appointment to see Dr. Durand by calling 305-960-7511 or filling out this form.


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