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Your Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation Guide

Posted December 21, 2021 in Facial Rejuvenation, Skin Care

3 Minute Read: 

The skin is a fascinating organ. It filters impurities, stretches to allow movement, heals itself, and continually rejuvenates. However, with all that it can do, it cannot escape the damage and decline associated with the aging process and environmental factors. 

 Collection of woman with different ethnicities.

Between collagen and elastin loss and multiple summer outings under the harsh Miami sun, the skin will damage and show signs of fine lines, wrinkles, and facial volume loss. 

Fortunately, there are at-home and in-office steps you can take to promote rejuvenation, including proper skin care, non-surgical treatments, and facial surgery.

Read on to learn more about your skin care and facial rejuvenation options.

At-Home Skin Care Products

Maintaining healthy and glowing skin starts at home. Sadly, all the cosmetic treatments in the world will not last if they are not maintained properly. 

Part of this maintenance involves quality skin care products. Some of our preferred products include ZO® Skin Health and SkinCeuticals.  

At-home facial rejuvenation can be fun and useful, and it can help ensure that your tissues are getting the proper hydration and nutrients.

In addition to using quality products every morning and night, here are a few things you can do.

  • Cleanse your face before applying and after removing makeup
  • Exfoliate your face to remove dead skin cells and to allow proper absorption of products
  • Steam your face to clear up the pores and improve blood flow
  • Extract blackheads properly to avoid damaging pores and skin
  • Use face masks (gel, clay, cream, sheet) to hydrate the skin and remove excess oil
  • Use serums to treat wrinkles, pigmentation, and flaky skin
  • Moisturize your face to keep it hydrated
  • Massage your face to increase lymphatic drainage and improve circulation

Laser Resurfacing

You can rejuvenate your face non-surgically with laser resurfacing

These treatments improve the skin’s appearance and help minimize the look of:

  • Acne scars
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Minor injuries
  • Chickenpox scars
  • Minor facial flaws

Other benefits of laser skin resurfacing include:

  • Reducing the fine lines around the cheeks, mouth, and eyes
  • Treating irregularities in skin tone and enhancing your skin complexion

Keep in mind laser resurfacing does not remove sagging or excessive skin. There are two types of laser resurfacing procedures:

  • Ablative laser: Removes thin layers of skin to reveal new, healthy layers beneath
  • Non-ablative: Tightens underlying skin by stimulating collagen growth without peeling the upper skin layer

These procedures take between half an hour to two hours, depending on the size of the treatment area and the technique used. Careaga Plastic Surgery offers the CO2 laser and PiXel8-RF (radiofrequency treatment)

Injectables Fillers and Relaxers

Many people today go for injectable fillers and relaxers (neuromodulators) as a non-surgical facial rejuvenation option. Injectable fillers increase the volume of facial features by filling in wrinkles and lines, whereas neuromodulators relax the muscles to smooth lines.

Examples of injectable relaxers include BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport®, whereas examples of injectable fillers include JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, and Sculptra® Aesthetic. 

For patients looking for the benefits of both dermal fillers and neuromodulators, the RHA collection offers volume replacement and reduction of dynamic wrinkles (caused by repeated muscle movement).

Our PA, Reana Myers, will help you identify the right injectable or combination of injectables for your needs.

Of all minimally invasive facial procedures, neuromodulators (specifically BOTOX® Cosmetic) are the most popular. These injections prevent wrinkles from contracting by blocking signals from your nerves. As a result, the injections reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. 

Injectable relaxers are used to treat:

  • Crows’ feet
  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines

Typically, it takes a few days for neuromodulator results to appear, and they last three to six months. To extend results beyond this period, you need to receive maintenance injections.

Facial Surgery

When your facial aging has extended past what can be treated with non-surgical interventions, facelift surgery is available to help tighten and restore youthful facial contours.

Facelift surgery:

  • Lifts sagging facial tissues
  • Trims excess skin
  • Targets jowls to create a better-defined jawline

Rejuvenate Your Facial Features Today!

Practicing these facial rejuvenation practices at home and undergoing facial procedures can help rejuvenate your face. Visit Careaga Plastic Surgery to learn more by calling (305) 960-7511 or filling out our online contact form.


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