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Fat Transfer: The Natural Way to Enhance Your Breasts

Posted March 08, 2024 in Breast Augmentation, Plastic Surgery

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Fat transfer is most widely known for providing the magic behind a Brazilian Butt Lift. However, it is also used for other applications, including breast augmentation. This blog discusses fat transfer breast augmentation as an alternative to breast augmentation using implants–including what it can (and can’t) do, recovery, and expected results.

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When women who want to look and feel their best turn to surgical options, breast augmentation consistently lands in the top three most-requested plastic surgeries as women of all ages seek to shape and refine their figure. And while breast augmentation with implants still reigns supreme in popularity, breast augmentation with fat transfer is becoming an increasingly attractive option. So, what exactly IS fat transfer breast augmentation, and what should you know before you make a decision?   

How Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Performed?

If you’ve read anything about the process involved in a Brazilian Butt Lift, you’re probably at least a little bit familiar with how fat transfer works. The procedure begins with removing excess fat via liposuction, typically from your abdomen or flanks. The fat is then processed, which cleans and concentrates the viable fat cells and separates them from any damaged fat cells, blood, and other fluids. 

The processed fat is then strategically and meticulously injected into your breasts. The fat is placed according to where you want more volume or where it is needed to provide symmetry and shape, typically between your skin and existing breast tissue or between your breast tissue and your chest wall. Over the next few months, the fat, surrounded by a new network of blood vessels, will settle into place while enhancing your breasts. 

Now that you know how it’s done, let’s talk about the many reasons fat transfer breast augmentation may be the right choice for you. 

Fuller Breasts, Naturally

The primary purpose of fat transfer breast augmentation is to give you fuller, more shapely breasts. If you’ve always wanted to enhance your breasts with only your own natural elements put into your body, this is the procedure for you. Fat transfer breast augmentation enhances your shape solely using material from your own body, giving you naturally boosted curves.  

Nuanced Tweaks to Your Breasts 

Did you know that your breasts aren’t the same size? For some women, the size difference is negligible and completely unnoticeable. For others, the difference in size between their two breasts is more pronounced, shaking their confidence or making it difficult to find a bra that fits both breasts properly. Breast augmentation with fat transfer allows for minor adjustments to your breasts to create better symmetry without undergoing implant surgery. If you have small breasts, adding fat transfer to your breast augmentation with implants can ensure a softer, more natural-looking result and prevent rippling or visible implant edges.

Sculpting Your Body and Breasts in One Procedure

Because liposuction is an integral component of fat transfer, you reap the benefits of both breast augmentation and body contouring. What’s not to love about eliminating excess fat from your trouble spots and putting it to better use by enhancing your breasts?

Reduced Risk of Complications

While complications from breast augmentation with implants are rare, they still exist. The most common, capsular contracture, often requires implant removal. When you get breast augmentation using fat transfer, you avoid the risk of capsular contracture and implant leaks or ruptures—as well as the cost of removing or replacing implants.  

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation at Careaga Plastic Surgery

Dr. Careaga and Dr. Durand pride themselves on staying on the cutting edge of plastic surgery technology to ensure their patients receive the best possible results. That’s why they use Viality™ by Sientra in all fat transfer breast augmentation procedures. Viality™ uses a proprietary mechanism called AuraClens™ to clean and separate the fat cells harvested during liposuction. The purpose of AuraClens™ is to gently process the fat, removing nonessential fluids and protecting the cells to retain more concentrated, viable fat for transfer to the breasts. 

In most cases, only about 50–70% of the fat cells injected into the breasts establish a usable blood source and survive. The rest are absorbed and excreted by your body. But Viality™ by Sientra has been shown to produce at least 80% fat cell retention, meaning it’s less likely that you’ll need additional fat transfer procedures to achieve your desired results. 

Learn More About Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation in Coral Gables

If you’ve been searching for an all-natural, minimally invasive way to enhance the shape and size of your breasts, it’s time to consider fat transfer breast augmentation at Careaga Plastic Surgery. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Careaga or Dr. Durand, call our office today at (305) 574-9262 or complete the online contact form.


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