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Why Are Compression Garments Essential for Healing?

Posted April 08, 2020 in Recovery

3 Minute Read: 

Even when everything goes exactly as planned on the surgical table, the results of your plastic surgery can still be influenced by the recovery period and how well you follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions. Woman wearing compression bra after breast enhancement surgery.

After your breast or body enhancement procedure, your surgeon will provide you with a list of instructions on how to best manage your recovery. These recommendations will include how to care for incisions and drains (if necessary) and when you can return to normal activities, such as showering, working, and exercising.

One additional piece of information that can affect the rate, safety, and comfort of your recovery will also be discussed: your compression garment.

What Is a Compression Garment?

A compression garment, also known as a binder or support band, is an elastic fabric that applies consistent pressure to the treatment area. You will be required to wear this flexible but sturdy garment around the surgical site for at least four to six weeks. 

Common after tummy tuck surgery, a breast enhancement like breast augmentation surgery and/or breast lift surgery, and liposuction treatments, compression garments will be worn under your clothing around the clock—even when you are sleeping. These should only be removed to shower.

Are Compression Garments Comfortable?

Immediately following your surgical procedure, “comfortable” may not be a word used to describe anything. But, during this time, your compression garment will bring you some much-needed support. These garments hold everything where it needs to be, and the constant pressure provided by the material is soothing.  

While you will be happy to wear your garment initially, the novelty might wear off as you get stronger, and this binder may start to feel like an uncomfortable burden. However, there are reasons behind the wearing of these garments, and saying goodbye to them too soon can have negative results.

Why Do I Need to Wear a Compression Garment After Surgery?

Protects the Healing Incisions

Even though your incisions will be covered with surgical tape, gauze, or other bandages, the compression garment acts as an additional layer of protection and support. Not only will this help ensure that bacteria stays away from the healing incision, but it also provides a bit of padding in the unexpected event that you run into something or bump the treatment area in any way.

Promotes Circulation

One of the most significant risks with any surgical procedure, especially one as invasive as tummy tuck surgery, is blood clots. Blood clots can develop anywhere due to a lack of circulation and can be dangerous.

Fortunately, compression garments promote circulation and, therefore, reduce your risk of blood clots. Additionally, this circulation also helps to reduce inflammation, so you will see your swelling subside sooner than if you were not wearing your garment.

Reduces Post-Operative Pain

Because compression stimulates circulation and reduces swelling, these garments will help you feel better sooner. Also, the pressure applied with these garments will make otherwise painful occurrences like coughing or laughing more bearable.

Maintains New Contours

One of the reasons you turned to plastic surgery was to better the aesthetic of your silhouette. While most of those adjustments will occur on the surgical table, a compression garment (or shapewear) will help to ensure that your contours heal in the shape that they should.

How Should I Care for My Compression Garment? 

Compression garments can and should be washed routinely to make sure they are not introducing any dirt or bacteria to the healing incision. 

It may be necessary to cover the incisions with gauze, bandages, or silicone strips to avoid any irritation. 

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