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Reduce Back Pain With Breast Reduction Surgery

Posted February 05, 2019 in Breast Reduction Surgery

Although there are many reasons for chronic back pain, there is a significant correlation between this pain and breast size. Many women with overly large breasts experience some form of back, shoulder, neck, or chest pain that ranges from slightly irritating to entirely debilitating. Since excess breast tissue does not respond to diet or exercise, many women struggling with back pain are left with a single option: breast reduction.

Breast reduction is performed on women whose cumbersome breasts contribute to chronic pain and interfere with their lifestyle. During a breast reduction, excess fat and glandular tissue are removed, resulting in smaller, lighter, and more shapely breasts.

Gain Comfort

Back pain is often caused by strain on the muscles and ligaments. The excess weight of large breasts contributes to this strain. The heavier the breasts are, the more pressure they put on the chest, and many women are forced to change their posture and the way they carry themselves to accommodate this pressure. By doing this, women risk putting their spine out of alignment, which results in back pain.

Get Back to the Activities You Love

Unfortunately, many women with large breasts fear the recurrence of back pain so much that they avoid participating in many physical activities or sports they may enjoy. When the breasts are overly large, even the best sports bras are not enough to prevent discomfort, and many women decide that the best course of action is to refrain from participating. Breast reduction allows women to return to the activities they love without the fear of pain.

Enhance Confidence

Although chronic pain is the most commonly discussed negative attribute, large breasts contribute to much more. Pressure from bra straps often creates indentations on the shoulders, which is both uncomfortable and aesthetically displeasing. Large breasts can also cause unsightly and itchy skin rashes below and between the breasts from the constant rubbing of the skin. All of these, combined with the unbalanced appearance of the breasts, contribute to diminished self-confidence. Breast reduction surgery reduces insecurity by balancing out your body frame. With smaller breasts, there will be less irritating and less weight being placed on your shoulders and back.

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