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Mastopexy – Miami Breast Lift Incision Options

Posted January 30, 2015 in Plastic Surgery

Mastopexy surgery is a method of raising the breasts to combat breast sagging. This helps the patient achieve perkier breasts.

During mastopexy surgery, small incisions will be made on the breasts in order to access the underlying tissues for removal. The amount of tissues that will be removed will determine the type of incisions made. An anchor incision is the standard option, and it provides a large degree of lift. In cases where less lift is needed, versions of this incision are used that feature fewer incision lines.

Interested in arranging an appointment at our office? Then contact us today to set up a mastopexy consultation! Dr. Daniel Careaga, a skilled surgeon, will be pleased to explain the procedure in further detail and walk you through the process.


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