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Juvéderm Injections – Miami Affordable Procedures

Posted May 09, 2014 in Plastic Surgery

If you want to lessen the effects of age on the face, including wrinkles and fine lines, you may be looking at surgical procedures like facelifts and injectable procedures like Juvéderm. There are many differences between these two types of enhancement techniques, and one such difference is the price point. Juvéderm injections are typically much more affordable.

Juvéderm injections and other injection procedures are simpler than facelift surgery – they’re less time-consuming, and they require a less intense skill and training level. The few risks associated with injections are also quite mild in comparison to those of surgery.

Price is just one of a number of factors you should consider when choosing a method of facial rejuvenation. Discuss your aesthetic care options, including Juvéderm injections, with a qualified medical professional – create an appointment with our office by contacting us. Dr. Daniel Careaga is a skilled medical professional with the experience needed to help you make the right decision.


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