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Careaga Plastic Surgery Welcomes Dr. William

Posted April 29, 2024 in Plastic Surgery

Careaga Plastic Surgery is thrilled to welcome Dr. William, a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast and body procedures. Dr. William’s stellar reputation, combined with his experience and innovation in body contouring and recovery techniques, makes him an ideal addition to the practice.

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Dr. William

Are you looking for a plastic surgeon in Miami and Coral Gables with extensive training and expertise in creating a beautifully curvy, flowing form? Dr. Karl William Schwarz (known to his patients as “Dr. William”) has the skills and reputation that prove his excellence in body contouring, breast procedures, and Brazilian Butt lift (BBL) surgery. Dr. Daniel Careaga and the team at Careaga Plastic Surgery are thrilled to welcome Dr. William to the practice, along with his proven knowledge of plastic surgery and recovery techniques. His addition will continue to ensure the gorgeous results Careaga Plastic Surgery is known for. 

Dr. William’s Education and Training

Dr. William comes to Careaga Plastic Surgery with over 15 years of experience in plastic surgery. He completed his undergraduate degree in his home country of Canada and came to the U.S. to continue his medical education. After a seven-year general surgery residency in Michigan, he moved on to complete a three-year residency in plastic surgery at Duke University. 

Dr. William is a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which means he has met the stringent requirements to achieve board certification in plastic surgery, which goes above and beyond the requirements for licensure. Board-certified plastic surgeons commit to continuing education in their craft and safe and ethical surgical practices. 

Dr. William’s Areas of Expertise

Dr. William is an expert in plastic surgery of the breast and body. He focuses on the aesthetics of cosmetic procedures and understands how to artistically enhance the natural curves of the body. His “muse” in his plastic surgery approach is the ogee shape. Ogee shapes are serpentine S shapes, most commonly found in architecture from the Gothic and Gothic Revival eras. They symbolize symmetry and elegance and serve as Dr. William’s inspiration as he performs body contouring procedures.  

His interest and study of the ogee architectural aesthetic, combined with his knowledge and appreciation of the human form, has led him to create his own style of liposuction, known as Ogee Lipo®. Ogee Lipo® is designed for optimal body contouring, removing excess fat evenly to bring symmetry to your body and allow the natural beauty of your figure to shine through.

Dr. William and the Ogee Difference

In addition to OGEE Lipo®, Dr. William has taken body sculpting to the next level by launching Ogee Recovery, his own brand dedicated to providing his plastic surgery patients with premium products to enhance their recovery experience and results. From compression garments to a vibrating, heated massage roller, Ogee Recovery helps ensure you get the most out of your liposuction, BBL, breast augmentation, and other cosmetic procedures. Is scarring after surgery something you’re concerned about? Ogee Recovery offers a complete line of scar care products to smooth and fade post-surgical scars. 

Dr. William Goes Social 

Dr. William is active on social media, with over half a million followers on various platforms. His YouTube channel has more than 500 videos and podcasts posted with the purpose of informing and educating subscribers. His approach to discussing plastic surgery includes answering common questions, challenging misinformation, and giving potential patients a chance to get to know him and understand his methods and philosophy. 

Learn More About Dr. William and Careaga Plastic Surgery

When you’re looking for the best plastic surgeons in Miami, the incredibly skilled team at Careaga Plastic Surgery has you covered from head to toe. To schedule an appointment with Dr. William or one of our other board-certified plastic surgeons, call us today at (305) 615-4987 or complete the online contact form.  


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