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What Is Sculptra® Aesthetic and How Is It Different Than Other Injectables?

Posted December 14, 2020 in Injectable Fillers, Sculptra® Aesthetic

2 Minute Read: 

Minimally invasive cosmetic injectables are more popular than ever before, thanks to their simple and diverse applications. While injectable treatments all restore youth and accentuate beauty, their chemical makeups and ingredients differ significantly. 

woman receiving injectable dermal filler in cheek

This is especially true for Sculptra® Aesthetic, as its chemical makeup and way of working differ vastly from other hyaluronic acid-based fillers.

Here are the reasons why Sculptra® Aesthetic is so much different than most injectables today and why it might be right for you.  

What Is Sculptra® Aesthetic Made Out Of? 

Sculptra® Aesthetic is an injectable poly-L lactic acid that produces a gradual and subtle enhancement to the skin’s appearance. Although it is common for first-time patients to assume that nearly all injectables are fillers, the Sculptra® Aesthetic formula is not a filler.

Sculptra® Aesthetic can be more accurately characterized as a biostimulant that encourages your body’s natural collagen production. More significant amounts of collagen will develop with this stimulation, resulting in firmer, thicker skin and additional underlying volume.  

This process is quite different compared to generic dermal fillers that use the product to replace lost volume temporarily. Even dermal fillers that stimulate natural collagen production use a different formula—one derived from hyaluronic acid. 

What Is Sculptra® Aesthetic Best Used For?

Sculptra® Aesthetic isn’t just for reducing wrinkles and volume loss. In fact, Sculptra® Aesthetic can be strategically applied to provide all kinds of corrections to face. Sculptra® Aesthetic can enhance the size of the cheeks, define the jawline, and reduce signs of aging. 

New uses for Sculptra® Aesthetic are always developing. Some surgeons utilize the volume created from Sculptra® Aesthetic to provide a lift to the butt region or rejuvenate the backs of the hands. Tiny amounts of Sculptra® Aesthetic can even provide a smoother texture and even out areas of the neck, knees, and arms. 

Additionally, Sculptra® Aesthetic has been shown to have prolonged effects compared to most injectables, lasting at least two years.

Who Should Provide My Sculptra® Aesthetic Treatment?

Because Sculptra® Aesthetic is so unique, it cannot be found in most medical spas. Sculptra® Aesthetic requires specialized training, plenty of experience, and familiarity with the anatomy of treatable areas to get consistent and safe results. 

When looking for a Sculptra® Aesthetic provider, it is important that candidates seek before and after photos that help you determine if a provider’s aesthetic ideals align with your own. Luckily, Reana Myers is an injectable treatment specialist who has dedicated her profession to mastering the art of Sculptra® Aesthetic application. 

Interested in Learning More?

If you are interested in Sculptra® Aesthetic injections or other injectable options near Miami, please contact Careaga Plastic Surgery by filling out our online contact form or calling us at (305) 960-7511.


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