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Mommy Makeover Myths, Debunked

Posted May 23, 2024 in Mommy Makeover, Plastic Surgery

Mommy Makeovers continue to be extremely popular, but as with any cosmetic procedure, misinformation is always floating around. In this blog, we dispel some of the common misconceptions about Mommy Makeovers.

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It’s easy to see why some people may think you must be a mom to get a Mommy Makeover—it’s right there in the name. However, the procedure is called a Mommy Makeover, not as a requirement, but because it addresses areas of the body most commonly affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding. Mommy Makeovers continue to be extremely popular, but as with any cosmetic procedure, misinformation is always floating around. In this blog, we dispel some common misconceptions about Mommy Makeovers, assuring women that it’s a procedure for ALL bodies, whether you’ve had a child or not.

Myth 1: You Have to Be a Mom to Get a Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy often causes several aesthetic changes to your body, from excess sagging skin on your midsection to droopy and deflated breasts, which is why tummy tucks and breast augmentation or breast lifts are popular choices for the combination procedure dubbed Mommy Makeover. 

Yet changes to the appearance of your breasts and stomach are also a part of the natural aging process. Weight fluctuations, decreased collagen, and skin elasticity can affect any woman, not just moms. That’s why a Mommy Makeover is for everyone—no matter what the name implies. 

Myth 2: You Don’t Need a Mommy Makeover If You Eat Healthy and Exercise Enough

Eating nutritionally dense foods and exercising regularly are integral to your overall health. These habits keep you strong, reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic conditions, and help you look and feel good. However, no matter how diligent you are with your exercise regimen and commitment to clean eating, some places on your body may not respond the way you’d like. 

Everyone carries their weight differently, and there’s no way to predict or control where fat loss happens. You may do every crunch and oblique twist you can, yet still have stubborn fat that refuses to leave your waist. It doesn’t mean you’re not doing enough; it just means that your body chooses to store fat there, and no amount of exercise will change that. Additionally, even if you maintain a stable weight, at some point in your life, age and genetics will eventually cause skin laxity in various places on your body.

A Mommy Makeover can eliminate pesky fat pockets through liposuction, smoothing and contouring the “problem areas” that won’t respond to diet and exercise. If sagging skin under your arms, on your stomach, or around your breasts is your concern, you can add an arm lift, tummy tuck, or breast lift to your Mommy Makeover. 

Myth 3: You Have to Get Three Specific Procedures For It to Be a Mommy Makeover

While a Mommy Makeover often consists of a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a breast lift or breast augmentation, you’re not limited to those options. A Mommy Makeover is a customizable set of procedures designed to address the areas YOU wish to enhance, so the choices are endless. You aren’t limited to three procedures—you can choose two or even add more than three. 

For example, you might decide to get your Mommy Makeover done in more than one surgery because you want a Brazilian Butt Lift and breast augmentation. Those procedures can’t be done at the same time because of their recovery requirements. You may even decide to add a non-surgical body contouring procedure like Emsculpt Neo® to your Mommy Makeover. You can tailor your Mommy Makeover to fit your needs, giving you the beautiful desired results. 

Myth 4: The Recovery From a Mommy Makeover Is Long and Painful

Another common misconception about Mommy Makeover recovery is that it is longer and more painful than undergoing just one cosmetic surgery procedure. In fact, the opposite is true. Getting multiple procedures together saves you from extended recovery time because you only have to recover once. 

Most aesthetic surgery procedures require a couple of weeks off work and daily activities, followed by four to six more weeks of slowly returning to your normal exercise routine. Recovery after a Mommy Makeover is around the same as if you had undergone one procedure. Adding a procedure doesn’t add recovery time, so why not get everything done at once and save yourself those weeks of recovery from multiple individual surgeries? 

Myth 5: Mommy Makeovers Are Only About Vanity

It’s true that many women choose a Mommy Makeover to feel more confident about their appearance, and of course, they deserve to do so. However, there are also several benefits to the various procedures that go beyond the mirror. Pregnancy often causes a woman’s abdominal muscles to separate, weakening her core and causing chronic back pain. A tummy tuck includes abdominal muscle repair, reattaching, and tightening the muscles so you have a stronger abdomen and better lower back support. A breast lift can ease shoulder strain and back issues. 

For women who have lost significant weight, skin removal from a breast lift or tummy tuck can make a significant difference in their quality of life. Excess skin can cause painful chafing, rashes, and even skin infections that make performing daily tasks uncomfortable. Removing that extra skin can eliminate those issues, immediately improving your life.

Learn More About Mommy Makeovers in Coral Gables

If you’re a woman who has hesitated to explore the benefits of a Mommy Makeover because you’re not a mom, or if you are one, it could be time to see what the skilled and experienced surgeons at Careaga Plastic Surgery can do for you. Call (305) 615-4987 to schedule a consultation or complete the online contact form.


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