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Lip Flip VS Lip Filler Explained

(By Physician Assistant Reana Myers)

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Hello, I’m Reana Myers at Careaga Plastic Surgery in Miami, Florida. I’m a Physician Assistant and today I’m going to talk about one of the recent social media trends, the lip flip, and the difference between the lip flip and lip fillers.

So the lip flip consists of injecting toxin in the muscle, especially the upper muscle in the lip that’s responsible for the lip movement. By injecting toxin, we do relax the muscle and it does raise the upper lip a little bit and it causes a little natural flip. It does give a little bit of volume. However, if you’re looking for resolution of the lip wrinkles, more volume, more crisp borders and definition, we still have to use lip fillers.

Sometimes in patients, especially the older patients, that have more extenuated periorbital wrinkles, which are the wrinkles above your lip, I do combine both procedures. So I do put a little toxin, whether Botox/Dysport on the top lip, and then with filler, I do give them a little bit more volume and take care of the rest of the lines. There is a balance of how much toxin you put in the upper lip. You cannot overdo it because then your lip is not going to move, you’re not going to be able to drink. Your smile might change.

So there is a fine line between giving a nice lip flip and just overdoing it and not looking natural and the lip not moving naturally. In order to find out if you’re a candidate for the lip flip or the filler, we can always make consultation. I’ll examine and I’ll explain both procedures in details to see which one you would benefit more from.

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