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Breast Implant Removal:
What To Expect

(By Dr. Daniel Careaga, MD)

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Hi, Dr. Paul Durand here in Miami, Florida. I want to speak to you a little bit about breast implant removal.

Nowadays we’re getting a good amount of patients that have had implants for a while now, and they present with multiple reasons of why they might want to have these removed or exchanged for another kind of implant. The average patient have had these implants for a while and there’s been certain changes in their body. Having children, breastfeeding, just going up or down in weight and all these sort of affect your breasts in different ways.

And every person is different, but just some people want to either go smaller in implant or some people just want to get rid of the implants altogether. What’s very important is what happens during this time and we have to tailor each treatment to each patient.

Some people we can just remove the implant and do nothing else, but for the vast majority of people we have to once we remove the implants, we have to do some sort of lift or mastopexy, as it’s called.

This allows us to position the breast and shape it in a way that is more aesthetically pleasing and also enable you to put the nipple and the areola in the right position in both breasts and make them as symmetrical as possible.

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