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How to Determine the Cost of a BBL in Miami

Posted December 27, 2023 in Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a popular cosmetic procedure that uses your natural fat to sculpt and add volume to your buttocks. However, many patients in Miami may worry about the cost of a BBL and hesitate to schedule a consultation. This blog briefly discusses the BBL procedure and details how the cost of a BBL is determined.

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When you think of chic, sunny Miami, you probably think of beautiful people who exude self-confidence. But what if you don’t feel your body is bikini-ready? Miami is the perfect place to undergo cosmetic surgery.

A 2016 study reports that Miami is the plastic surgery capital of the United States, with nearly four plastic surgeons for every 100,000 people. Part of the reason so many plastic surgeons gravitate towards Miami is the warm weather, dynamic lifestyle, and high demand for aesthetic procedures. Miami offers an abundance of plastic surgery professionals in a city where beauty, self-reliance, and self-confidence are celebrated, and plastic surgery is accepted instead of vilified. 

One of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in Miami is the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). This natural buttock enhancement procedure lifts, shapes, and firms your behind so that you’re ready to flaunt your curves on the beach. But how much does it cost for a BBL in Miami? Below, we break down the costs associated with BBL surgery and options for financing your procedure.  

Shapely woman after a Brazilian Butt Lift

What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is the perfect way to enhance your booty naturally. Using your own fat cells in a procedure known as fat transfer, a BBL lifts and shapes your buttocks, giving you the curvy behind you desire. 

An additional benefit to a BBL is that the fat used to augment your buttocks is removed via liposuction from places on your body where you have excess fat. So you’re getting more bang for your buck, adding volume where you want it while eliminating unwanted volume elsewhere. The most common areas where fat is harvested for a BBL are your waist, hips, and abdomen. This not only smooths out problem spots but also allows for slimming and sculpting, snatching your waist and making your newly enhanced butt even more apparent. 

What Are the Costs Associated With a BBL?

The cost of a BBL (or any other plastic surgery procedure) is based on various factors. Some of the things taken into consideration when determining pricing include:

  • Complexity of the surgery
  • The time it takes to perform the surgery
  • Risks associated with the surgery
  • Geographic location of the surgery
  • Experience and expertise of the surgeon

Let’s take a closer look at the fees that are considered when quoting the cost of cosmetic surgery.

Surgeon’s Fees 

When you’re having surgery, one of the apparent fees will be that of your surgeon. When calculating his fee, your surgeon will take into account the factors mentioned above. For a BBL, the considerations include how much liposuction is needed to achieve your desired results, preparing the fat for fat transfer, and the precise, strategic injection of the fat into your buttocks. Your surgeon’s fees may be higher if you have pre-existing health issues or a higher risk of post-operative complications. 

Another factor of your surgeon’s fee is their expertise and experience. For example, a board-certified plastic surgeon can charge more because they have undergone more specialized, rigorous training. A surgeon with an established reputation and practice may also charge more, as well as a surgeon who specializes in BBL procedures. 

Facility Fees

Your BBL procedure will be performed either in an operating room at a hospital or outpatient surgical facility. Hospitals and surgical facilities will charge a fee for using their operating rooms and any supplies, medications, or support staff utilized during the surgery. 

Some plastic surgeons have their own outpatient surgical facilities, so the associated fees are often already built into the base price. 

Anesthesia Fees

Besides your surgeon and other supporting surgical staff, a BBL requires anesthesia and an anesthesiologist. Anesthesiologists administer the anesthesia, monitor your vitals during surgery, and wake you up when surgery is complete. Just like your surgeon’s fee, the fees associated with anesthesiology will depend on the length and complexity of your surgical procedure. 

Geographical Location

A surgeon’s fees also vary based on the location of the surgery. Cost-of-living, the number of plastic surgeons in the area, and the number of surgeons who offer BBL procedures nearby can also impact the cost of your surgery. For example, the price of a BBL in Miami may be less than in other areas because of the high number of surgeons in the city.    

When researching surgeons to perform your BBL and their associated costs, the most important thing to remember is that “you get what you pay for.” Someone will always offer the procedure more cheaply, but that doesn’t mean the experience or result will be as good as a higher-priced surgeon. You must be familiar with the surgeon’s credentials, experience, and facilities to ensure that your BBL surgery is as safe as possible and that you receive the desired results. 

Financing Options at Careaga Plastic Surgery

When you come in for your BBL consultation at Careaga Plastic Surgery, you will discuss the cost of the procedure. Each quote is individualized and based on your unique needs, so it varies from patient to patient. Dr. Careaga and Dr. Durand do their best to make their services affordable for every patient, so Careaga Plastic Surgery offers multiple financing options. 

Learn More About BBL Surgery in Miami

When you choose Careaga Plastic Surgery, you’re choosing experience and expertise. Dr. Daniel Careaga is double board certified and has performed over 13,000 aesthetic procedures. Dr. Paul Durand is board certified and is known for his experience with complex cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Careaga Plastic Surgery procedures are performed in their own surgical facility, in four state-of-the-art surgical suites staffed with highly skilled personnel. Both Dr. Careaga and Dr. Durand utilize cutting-edge techniques and equipment, delivering stunning results while keeping every patient’s safety at the forefront. 

Call us today at (305) 574-9262 to schedule a consultation or fill out our online contact form.


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