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10 Concerns That Can Be Addressed by a Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist

Posted December 08, 2022 in Revision Rhinoplasty

4 Minute Read:

One of the most common types of cosmetic surgery is rhinoplasty (corrective nose surgery). Since this is a very nuanced surgery, it is important to find a rhinoplasty specialist like Dr. Durand at Careaga Plastic Surgery.

Beautiful woman pinching her nose with two fingers

What Can Rhinoplasty Correct?

Over 350,000 cosmetic nose surgeries were performed in 2020, making it the most popular of that timeframe, and that is because the results that can be achieved from this procedure are stunning and transformative

Whether you struggle with nose issues from birth or an injury (broken nose) has left you with a nose appearance you don’t want, rhinoplasty can help you look the way you’ve always desired. 

Some of the most common cosmetic issues that rhinoplasty can address and fix include noses that:

  • Are too small or large for the face
  • Are crooked 
  • Are asymmetrical (tip or nostrils)
  • Have nasal humps or bumps
  • Have an upturned or downturned nasal tip
  • Impair breathing (deviated septum)

In short, the goal of a rhinoplasty procedure is to create a balanced and harmonious appearance to your face while maintaining proper breathing function.

What Issues Can Occur From a Botched Rhinoplasty?

As mentioned above, rhinoplasty is a delicate plastic surgery and one that requires special skill. Because of that, it is important to choose a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon to avoid unwanted and costly rhinoplasty results.

Infographic showing what revision rhinoplasty can correct.

Nothing is more noticeable on the face than a nose job gone wrong. Here are some of the most common and frustrating of these concerns:

1. Excessively Rounded Tip 

The tip of the nose is bulbous and/or larger than it should be, causing an unnatural and imbalanced appearance to your nose and face.

2. Hanging Columella 

The columella is the strip of skin between the nostrils. For this condition, the columella skin can be seen extending below the nostrils, especially when viewed from the side/profile.

3. Nasal Valve Collapse 

The nasal valve is the thin airway inside the nose, and when not treated correctly during an initial surgery, can weaken and collapse, resulting in difficulty breathing.

4. Nostril Retraction 

Too much elevation of the nostril margin causes too much of the nostrils to show, which creates an unnatural and aesthetically unpleasing appearance for patients.

5. Open Roof Deformity 

One of the most common issues in botched rhinoplasty procedures, this condition causes a flat spot (or “dent”) to appear on the bridge of the nose.

6. Over-projected Tip 

When excess cartilage is moved to the front of the nose, the tip of the nose can appear unnatural in length, sticking out too far from the face. 

7. Pollybeak Deformity

Similar to an over-projected tip, this condition occurs when too much cartilage is moved to the bridge of the nose, causing a rounded appearance to show, similar to a bird’s beak. 

8. Scooped Out Bridge 

Also known as “saddle nose,” this condition refers to post-surgical noses that have had too much cartilage removed from the bridge, which causes the bridge of the nose to be too steep and close to the face.

9. Tip Bossae (Knuckling) 

This condition causes knob-like bumps (that can look like knuckles) to appear on the nose, especially in the nasal tip, which creates asymmetrical results as well as an appearance that detracts from your overall nasal aesthetic.

10. Twisted Nose

As the name implies, this condition causes the nose to literally look twisted, bent, crooked, and unnatural.

How to Avoid These Concerns?

It may seem simple, but the best way to keep these issues from occurring during and after your rhinoplasty is to choose the right cosmetic surgeon for your nose surgery or revision rhinoplasty. 

It is important to choose a rhinoplasty specialist who has knowledge, training, and experience with the procedure. By going to an inexperienced surgeon, or one who has no true understanding of the procedure, you are opening the door for negative results. This is why it’s important to research your cosmetic surgeon, look at before and after photos from previous procedures, and come to your consultation with questions to ask. 

At Careaga Plastic Surgery, Dr. Paul D. Durand specializes in rhinoplasty and revision procedures and has a long list of successful nose procedures to his name. He is dedicated to the art and science of facial plastic surgery and looks forward to helping his patients achieve the appearance they truly desire. 

What If You’ve Already Had a Botched Rhinoplasty?

If you have already had nose surgery that has left you with any of the concerns discussed above, or you simply are unhappy with the appearance of your new nose, then revision rhinoplasty surgery can help correct the previous surgery and give you the look you want.

Interested in Learning More About Rhinoplasty in Miami?

If you are interested in having cosmetic nose surgery performed by a specialist, or you want to revise a previous procedure, then contact us today by calling (305) 960-7511 or filling out our online contact form.  


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