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How a Tummy Tuck
Can Improve Your Life

(By Dr. Daniel Careaga, MD)

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So we have a theme going, and we’re talking about the non-cosmetic benefits of plastic surgery, and there’s a lot of them. So we already talked about in breast reduction patients the stress of the neck and the back that goes away after the breast reduction.

Now I want to talk about the same thing with tummy tuck patients. So how does a tummy tuck actually make quality of life better for patients? That is, other than the cosmetic result, when a woman has a very large muscle separation, which is known as a diastasis recti, and it’s usually due to pregnancies, all of the bulging of the abdominal muscles allows the intra-abdominal contents to push forward. So basically all of the organs are pushing forward, so they are no longer in line with the center of gravity of the body, and that translates to back pain.

So by doing a tummy tuck on patients with a large diastasis, by tightening those muscles together, we’re pushing everything back in where it’s supposed to live, which takes a big stress off of the back. So a tummy tuck is not just an incredible transformation from a cosmetic standpoint, but it can also relieve back pain in patients who have very large diastasis.

Hi, Cheryl. Good afternoon. Hi. How was your surgery with Dr. Careaga? It was excellent. I did a Diastasis muscular repair with a tummy tuck because after five kids I had severe muscular separation where it looked like I was pregnant. And as a trainer, that’s not okay. And he got me back to nice flat tummy and a six pack. So I’m very happy with my results.

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