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Category: Non-surgical Body Contouring

Will Body Contouring Be the “It” Procedure in 2021?

Posted July 06, 2021 in Body Sculpting, Non-surgical Body Contouring

4 Minute Read:  Over the last few decades, breast augmentation was the most popular procedure in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of women were choosing to enhance their breasts with implants every year — and while that number is still significant, 2019 and 2020 did demonstrate a decrease in yearly breast augmentations performed.  At […]

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How Will Non-Surgical Procedures Impact the Future of Cosmetic Surgery

Posted March 25, 2021 in Body Sculpting, Non-surgical Body Contouring

The Advantages of Non-surgical Body Contouring 3 Minute Read:  Medical advancements have given way to powerful non-surgical body contouring procedures that target fat and muscle and trim your stubborn spots for great results. While surgical body contouring is still as popular and effective as ever, many men and women are interested in learning how to […]

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