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The Importance of Weight
and BMI on Plastic Surgery 

(By Dr. Paul Durand, MD)

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Hi, I’m Dr. Paul Durand here in Miami, Florida. I want to talk to you a little bit about BMI or body mass index. And how is this important? When undergoing any plastic surgery procedure, the average BMI that we want patients to be at is 30 or below. And the reason for this is your risks for having postoperative complications or intraoperative complications, as well as how it’s going to affect your final result gets altered.

If your BMI is above that mark that we want. Higher BMI puts you at an increased risk of wound healing complications, intraoperative complications, and it also does affect how your aesthetic result is going to be. So if your BMI is significantly above 30, there’s multiple things that can be done. Some patients, if they’re close to the ideal BMI, can just diet and exercise and reach this goal. For others, which is a little bit more difficult.

There’s different weight loss programs. Some people go with their primary care doctor. We have an in house weight loss specialist that can also help you achieve those goals. And for other people with very high BMIs, Bariatric surgery is always an option.

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