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Use SculpSure® To Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

Posted December 06, 2018 in SculpSure™

Women and men of all ages can struggle with the presence of a double chin. For some patients, this submental fat collects after weight gain, but for others, submental fat is genetic and unresponsive to diet and exercise.

Individuals plagued with a double chin often go to drastic and creative lengths to hide the excess fat on their neck. Some wear turtlenecks or scarves when it’s 90 degrees out, others learn how to camouflage their double chin by highlighting other facial features with makeup, and some cover their necks with specifically chosen hairstyles. Instead of trying to hide your double chin, why not do something to get rid of it? Double chins may be resistant to diet and exercise, but they are not immune to cosmetic fat removal. At Careaga Plastic Surgery, Dr. Careaga offers SculpSure® to his patients to permanently and painlessly remove submental fat.

What Is SculpSure®?

SculpSure® is an FDA-approved, light-based body contouring system that is effective for the permanent removal of unwanted submental fat. The light-based laser energy used with this treatment targets the unwanted fat cells and heats them, causing damage to their structural integrity. This damage eventually results in the natural and permanent destruction of the fat cells.

What Is the SculpSure® Treatment Like?

Your SculpSure® treatment consists of a comfortable 25-minute session. To begin your treatment, your provider at Careaga Plastic Surgery will place the SculpSure® device on your head. The SculpSure® applicators are attached to the headgear directly below the chin. While this treatment relies on the heating of the fat cells, you will initially feel a cooling sensation. This controlled cooling is used throughout the procedure to ensure comfort. While the cooling is on, the SculpSure® laser begins to heat the fat cells beneath the skin. This heat can target the cells directly without damaging the skin’s surface or the surrounding healthy cells. This allows SculpSure® to be both effective and safe for the elimination of unwanted fat. For some patients, multiple treatment sessions are recommended or required to achieve optimal results.

Your Results

SculpSure® is a non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring procedure that involves no incisions, scars, pain, or downtime. After approximately 12 weeks, you will witness the noticeable slimming and sculpting of the submental region. The “pooched” area that once existed will be thinned out and smoothed, and the angle between your chin and your neck will look more pronounced. The fat cells that are removed with this treatment are eliminated permanently, and there is no chance of them returning in the future.

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