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Botox Treatments – Muscle Relaxant Miami

This Blog Discusses Minimally Invasive, Plastic Surgery

Posted February 12, 2016 in Minimally Invasive, Plastic Surgery

Interested in getting rid of embarrassing wrinkles? We offer many injectable options like Botox and fillers to erase them. Even though they are both injectables that address facial wrinkles, Botox treatments and dermal-filler treatments operate in different ways.

Fillers boost skin volume to make certain wrinkles disappear, while Botox instead relies on relaxing the muscles beneath the skin.

Contracted muscles cause the appearance of a variety of shallow facial lines and wrinkles, and when the muscles relax, the wrinkles ease away.

If you would like to learn about Botox treatments and our available dermal fillers, schedule a consultation by contacting our office. During a consultation, experienced Miami surgeon Dr. Daniel Careaga will determine the best injectable option for your facial wrinkles.