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Getting Active After Breast Procedures

Posted December 15, 2017 in Breast Augmentation

Breast procedures are the most commonly performed and desired cosmetic surgeries today. Whether you are augmenting your breasts with implants, reducing the size of overly large breasts, or lifting saggy breast tissue, breast procedures can enhance your confidence and provide you with physical benefits. While downtime is expected after surgery, it is common for active women to wonder just how long it will be before they can resume their normal activities and exercises. Dr. Careaga has requirements and recommendations for activity after surgery, and it is necessary to discuss a timeline with him during your consultation. Here are some general post-op guidelines to keep in mind.

One to Two Weeks After Surgery

The most important part of the first stage of the healing process is allowing your body to do just that: heal. You need to let your body relax and not put any additional stress on it. During this time, you will be off of work and can heal in the comfort of your home. You shouldn’t do anything physically demanding within this time frame. You shouldn’t even lift anything over five pounds. It is, however, recommended that you get up and walk as soon as you can in the days after your surgery to encourage circulation and reduce the risk of blood clots. These walks shouldn’t be fast-paced, so take gentle strolls around your house or neighborhood. And for those worried about their lack of exercise, walking is a great way to burn extra calories.

Three to Four Weeks After Surgery

During weeks three and four, you can begin to resume light exercises that focus on the lower body, such as low-impact cardio. By this point, it should be safe to lift up to 10 pounds, but avoid lifting anything over your head. You still want to refrain from any strenuous activity such as running, swimming, and upper body work.

Five to Six Weeks After Surgery

At this time, it is safe to return to all regular lower body exercises. Your body is almost healed by week six, so you can begin to push yourself a little more.

After Eight Weeks

At eight weeks post-op, you should be fully healed and ready to return to your usual lifestyle and activity levels, including upper body exercises.

During the healing process, it is vital that you not only follow Dr. Careaga’s recommendations but also listen to your body. If something hurts, don’t push it. Your body will let you know what it can handle. One of the most dangerous things to do during your recovery is force your body before it is ready. A little patience at the beginning can lead to better and more desirable results in the end.


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