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What is a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

Dr. Daniel E. Careaga offers abdominal wall surgery (abdominoplasty), commonly known as a tummy tuck, at his state-of-the-art Careaga Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Careaga’s full service cosmetic services practice is conveniently located in the heart of Miami, Florida, minutes away from the Miami International Airport.

It is no secret that many men and women are bothered by the appearance of their stomach. After all who wouldn’t want a flat mid-section or rock hard abdomen? While diet and exercise are an excellent way to work on reducing the fat in your abdomen, for some people no amount of diet and exercise will help. Abdominal wall surgery treats flabby, stretched-out abdominal muscles and skin with the aesthetic goal to improve the appearance and strength of your abdomen. Many patients can once again feel confident in form-fitting clothes and no longer have to hide their shape with loose fitting garments.

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Tummy Tuck Before and After Miami
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There are a number of different tummy tuck procedures, varying from a full to a mini-tummy tuck. Generally, an abdominoplasty surgical procedure involves making an incision beneath the bikini line. Then Dr. Careaga carefully tightens the weakened abdominal muscles by using sutures. After the muscles are tightened, Dr. Careaga precisely removes the excess tissue and skin. This full tummy tuck procedure typically is used for patients that have extensive abdominal muscle weakening.

For individuals who have lost significant amounts of weight (post bariatric surgery patients), a panniculectomy and or a full body lift might be recommended. A panniculectomy removes hanging fat and skin and may be combined with a tummy tuck. Dr. Careaga advises that a panniculectomy only removes excess skin and fat. An abdominoplasty may be necessary to tighten the abdominal wall muscles.

For those patients who are good candidates for abdomen liposuction to remove excess fat, a mini or partial tummy tuck may be performed. This procedure differs from a full abdominoplasty as a smaller incision is made to tighten the abdominal muscles. See below for more information .

Mini (Partial) Tummy Tuck

At Careaga Plastic Surgery our patients often ask what is the difference between a “full” tummy tuck versus a “mini” tummy tuck. This is an excellent question, as the difference in the two procedures is fairly significant. Ideally patients that benefit from a partial abdominoplasty, (mini-tummy tuck), are those who DO NOT have large folds of loose, hanging skin and fat, but have a small to moderate amount of hanging skin.

Who is a Candidate for a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

There are many reasons patients decide to proceed with a tummy tuck. Dr. Careaga and his professional team advise that the following are candidates for a full or partial tummy tuck.

Men and women who have gained and lost a moderate amount of weight are possible candidates for a mini tummy tuck as the abdominal skin has lost elasticity with weight fluctuations. The best candidates are men or women who are in good health and have small amount of fat deposits on their belly with moderate degree of excess skin folds. Dr. Careaga understands his patient’s frustrations as no amount of exercise or topical lotions will tighten the loose hanging skin on the abdomen.

Women and men who have gained and lost a significant amount weight and who have a large amount of hanging skin around their abdomen are also good candidates. Women who have gained weight during their pregnancy often desire to have their stomach returned to it’s pre-pregnancy shape. During pregnancy, as the baby grows, the abdominal muscle begins to separate to accommodate the growth of the baby in the uterus. For many women their abdominal wall may return to a normal state after delivery, but for some a visible abdominal pouch and loose, sagging skin, often with stretch marks, remains.

Unfortunately, for these women, no amount of exercise or dieting will improve their abdomen. This popular tummy tuck procedure is often referred to as a “Mommy Makeover.”

Patients are advised that to achieve the full effect of a “flat stomach” a full abdominoplasty is generally required. Be sure to discuss your concerns and questions with Dr. Careaga so that your desired cosmetic goals are realized by the aesthetic procedure best suited for you.

Patients that are NOT a good candidate for a tummy tuck are those who intend to lose a lot of weight and will benefit by postponing the surgery. Also, women who plan future pregnancies should wait, as vertical muscles in the abdomen that are tightened during surgery can separate again during pregnancy.

What Results Can I Expect from a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

A tummy tuck can dramatically improve your appearance by reducing a protruding abdomen along with excess drooping skin and fat. If you have had a significant weight loss, or have excess skin from multiple pregnancies, or for those individuals who have stretched their abdominal muscle or have weakened the muscle, a tummy tuck can help.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty ) Consultation Process with Dr. Daniel E. Careaga

Patient education is an important part of the consultation process before your tummy tuck. At Careaga Plastic Surgery Center you will be required to complete a pre-op appointment prior to surgery. At this appointment you will discuss any additional questions, go over paperwork and complete your lab work.

Dr. Daniel E. Careaga and his nursing team will give you specific pre- and post-op instructions for your tummy tuck. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully to ensure optimal results. It is also important to avoid any type of blood thinners for a minimum of 2 weeks before surgery (i.e. aspirin, vitamin E, ginko biloba) and avoid smoking for a minimum of 1 month before surgery.

Dr. Daniel E. Careaga’s Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Surgical Technique and Protocol

Abdominoplasty is a commonly performed aesthetic procedure, that has undergone a significant surgical evolution and improvement over the past several decades. Dr. Careaga is trained and skilled in the most advanced tummy tuck procedures.

The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and can be done in an acute care hospital or in a certified outpatient surgery center. This is true for both full and partial (mini) tummy tucks. For some patients, an overnight stay may be recommended.

All patient’s are unique so be sure to discuss completely and honestly your medical history so Dr. Careaga can carefully evaluate your personal benefit-risk profile.

Post-operative complications, such as infection and blood clots are rare, but can occur. Infection can be treated with antibiotics. You can minimize the risk of blood clots by moving around, as soon as possible after surgery, as directed by Dr. Careaga.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty ) Recovery and Aftercare

Dr. Daniel E. Careaga advises his patients that a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a major surgical procedure. Because of the extensiveness of the surgery, you can expect a longer recovery time as compared to other, less invasive cosmetic surgery procedures. A typical full recovery can take up to three weeks depending on the extent of the tummy tuck and your overall health. For some tummy tuck patients, an overnight stay in an ambulatory surgical facility, hospital or extended-stay facility may be recommended.

For the first few days, your abdomen will be swollen and sore. The pain can be controlled by prescription pain medication, as needed. You will leave the surgery with your stomach incisions covered in sterile dressings. Dr. Careaga will also ask you to wear a specially designed stomach support garment so that swelling is minimized and proper support is given to your newly tightened abdominal muscles.

You can also expect to go home with tubes/drains to help expedited the removal of fluid after your abdominoplasty. Dr. Careaga and his professional team will provide you with complete instructions on how to care for the incision and drains. You will be instructed to return to Careaga Plastic Surgery for follow up care.

Be sure to discuss your tummy tuck recovery process with Dr. Careaga.

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