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Get Sculpted Abs in Time for Summer

Posted March 01, 2019 in Men’s Abdominal Contours

Winter is over, and now is the time to start planning for those days at the beach. Summer is a time for men to show off their hard-earned bodies, whether it be on the beach, the poolside, or in slim-fitting cuts of clothing. Many men spend this time of year sweating it out at the gym in hopes that they will achieve the body they desire before that first beach outing. And while some men can accomplish this feat, not every man can. Unfortunately, hard work and sweat are not always enough when it comes to slimming and toning your abdomen. Genetics are just as important as diet and exercise, and sometimes your genetics do not contribute the way you want them to. For men struggling to contour their abdomens, plastic surgery allows them noticeable results in time for summer.

Tone Your Abdomen

Say Goodbye to Excess Fat

Cosmetic fat reduction is ideal for men who are unable to tone their bodies with diet and exercise alone. Today, both surgical and non-surgical fat reduction procedures are available. SculpSure® provides a noticeable slimming effect for men with minimal to moderate abdominal fat. SculpSure® damages fat cells through the application of light energy. This disrupts the internal structure and integrity of the cells without harming the surrounding healthy tissues, allowing for pinpointed treatment of fat deposits. And as an added benefit, SculpSure® treatments are non-invasive, without large incisions or extended downtimes. SculpSure® is the most comfortable way to get rid of unwanted abdominal fat. Another non-surgical option is Emsculpt®. This treatment uses electromagnetic energy to cause supramaximal contractions in the abdominal muscles. This means that the muscles are contracting at a rate unattainable by voluntary movements such as exercise. Patients will begin to see improved muscle tone after only a few sessions, and fat is burned as well. This option is great for men who have a healthy lifestyle but could use some extra help to achieve the results they desire. However, while nothing sounds better than non-surgical fat removal, these procedures are not ideal for everyone.

Liposuction is the perfect choice for men with a more significant amount of excess fat on the stomach and love handles. Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that permanently suctions out unwanted fat cells. This procedure reaches far deeper areas than SculpSure®, can remove more fat than Emsculpt® treatment, and is the most reliable choice for cosmetic fat reduction.

Address Skin Laxity

Once the excess fat is gone, some men experience bothersome skin laxity. This is caused by a combination of age and weight fluctuations. When you are young, your skin is quite elastic, which allows it to adjust to weight fluctuations. Unfortunately, this elasticity diminishes as you age, and therefore, any reduction in weight may result in loose, sagging, or excess skin. Tummy tuck surgery surgically removes this loose skin so that you are left with a smoother, tighter abdomen. This tightened contour highlights the slim figure underneath so that you will look like you spend hours at the gym without having to step foot in one.

Remember the Chest

Some men that with excess fat and skin on the abdomen also experience the same in the chest region. Gynecomastia surgery reduces and sculpts male breast tissue. Liposuction or tissue and skin excision are performed depending on the patient’s individual need so that the chest is in balance with the abdomen.

Now Is the Perfect Time

Even though the heat of summer is still months away, now is the ideal time to start considering your cosmetic procedure. The treatments listed above require several weeks or months for the full effects to become visible, and so the sooner you decide to take the plunge, the more likely you are to be healed in time for summer.

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