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What You Need to Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

(By Dr. Daniel Careaga, MD)

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Breast reduction is a very commonly requested operation in plastic surgery. And a lot of women have breasts that are very large and very droopy. And that combination can cause severe pain in the back, in the neck, headaches and grooving of the shoulder, of the bra strap.

So by reducing and lifting the breast, you are taking the weight of that breast, making it less, but more importantly, you’re putting it back in line with the midpoint, with the center of gravity of the body. When a woman has large, heavy breasts, they are pulling her down, they are pulling her forward and her muscles of the back, which in normal patients are only used for standing and sitting, those muscles are working all day long to keep that patient standing up straight. And that causes a lot of pain over time.

So by reducing the size of the breast, by leaving it at a size that is proportional to the patient and lifting them so that they are tight and close to the chest, it is significantly, literally.

From day one, patients tell me I already feel 1000% better. So breast reduction is not just a cosmetic operation, it is a functional operation because it relieves pain.

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