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Male Reduction Mammaplasty – Anesthesia Miami

Posted June 06, 2014 in Plastic Surgery

Male reduction mammaplasty is the standard surgical method for correcting gynecomastia, so if you’re dealing with enlarged breast tissue, you may be considering this helpful procedure.

Because incisions will be created in order to take out excess male breast tissue, you’ll need anesthesia at the start of male reduction mammaplasty to eliminate pain. Your method of anesthesia will be determined beforehand.

With general anesthesia, you’ll be unconscious during the procedure. With local anesthesia and IV sedation, you’ll be conscious but in a very relaxed state, and the skin of the target areas will be completely numbed.

Find out more about your male reduction mammaplasty anesthesia options during a consultation at our office. To make an appointment, contact us. Dr. Daniel Careaga, a well-respected aesthetic professional serving the Miami area, will make sure your procedure is as comfortable as possible.


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