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Male Breast Reduction – Liposuction Miami

Posted July 03, 2014 in Plastic Surgery

Having a larger amount of tissue in the breast area than normal can be embarrassing for men. Happily, this situation can be corrected with the help of male breast reduction surgery. The composition of the tissues in a man’s breast area will go a long way towards determining the surgical method their plastic surgeon uses to correct it.

When your enlarged breasts are partially composed of excess fat, liposuction may be employed during your male breast reduction. Liposuction involves small incisions in the breast area. Through these, your plastic surgeon will insert a thin tube known as a cannula. Its sharp end is used to loosen fat, which is then suctioned out.

Will you need liposuction during your male breast reduction, or will another method work better for you? The best way to find out is with a visit to a skilled aesthetic professional like Dr. Daniel Careaga. Dr. Careaga is experienced and skilled in a variety of areas, and he will be happy to help you meet your aesthetic goals. Contact us to make an appointment.


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