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Eyelid Surgery – Incision Possibilities Miami

Posted August 22, 2014 in Plastic Surgery

Eyelid surgery is a great way to give someone a youthful, refreshed appearance. When discussing your upcoming eyelid surgery with your plastic surgeon during a consultation, the subject of incision sites will come up. Depending on the type of eyelid rejuvenation you are looking for, one of three incision sites will be available to you.

If you’re getting your upper eyelids recontoured, the plastic surgeon will by default use a tiny incision in the crease that separates the upper lid from the skin below the eyebrow.

When the plastic surgeon is recontouring the lower eyelids, there are two incision options: transcutaneous and subcutaneous. The former refers to a small incision just below the eyelash line of the lower lid. The latter refers to an incision on the inside of the lid, which means that any leftover marks are hidden.

Dr. Daniel Careaga has a great deal of experience with aesthetic surgery. To arrange an eyelid surgery consultation with Dr. Careaga, contact our office.


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