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Ozempic® for Weight Loss in Miami, FL

Daniel Careaga, MD
Paul Durand, MD
Karl William Schwarz, MD

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Ozempic® for Weight Loss In Miami

If you’ve heard about Ozempic®, you probably know how effective it is for weight loss. First used to lower blood sugar in diabetic patients, it was soon discovered that these individuals also lost weight and benefitted from lower blood pressure.

Today, Ozempic® has been FDA-approved as a weight loss medication and is a popular method to help shed unwanted pounds. Careaga Plastic Surgery incorporates Ozempic® into many of our weight loss programs.

Why Choose Careaga Plastic Surgery for Weight Loss With Ozempic®?

Careaga Plastic Surgery - OR

Careaga Plastic Surgery stays at the forefront of emerging treatments and technology. We are committed to helping individuals in Miami, Florida, lose weight, look great, and reach their cosmetic goals with various treatments available to help with weight loss.

We are proud to add Ozempic® for weight loss to our wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments. If you need help losing weight before a surgical procedure or simply want to be healthier, call us at (305) 960-7511 to learn more.

What Are the Benefits of Ozempic® for Weight Loss?

Significant Weight Loss

Studies show that patients taking Ozempic® lost six times more weight than those who were given a placebo.

In clinical trials, Ozempic® also reduced waist size, proving it is effective for stubborn abdominal fat.

As a safer and more effective way to lose weight, those experiencing obesity now have a better option to regain their health and restore their figure.

Lower Blood Pressure

In addition to weight loss, when taken as a weekly injection, Ozempic® can help lower blood pressure and the following associated risks:

  • Heart problems
  • Stroke and aneurysm
  • Kidney disease
  • Vision problems
  • Metabolic syndrome.
  • Dementia

Cardiovascular Health

Physicians treating patients at higher risk for cardiovascular events often prescribe Ozempic® injections.

This preference is due to Ozempic®’s positive influence on blood pressure and its other protective features, such as blood sugar regulation, lower cholesterol, and reduced side effects compared to other weight loss medications.

How Does Ozempic® Work?

Ozempic® for weight loss is available as weekly injections.

Have Other Concerns About Ozempic®?

Is Ozempic® a Stimulant?

Ozempic® contains no stimulants and is a much safer weight loss option than medications like phentermine, which have stimulating and sometimes uncomfortable side effects.

Is Ozempic a Type of Insulin?

Ozempic® is not a form of insulin, but it encourages insulin release when blood sugar levels rise.

Ozempic® is not effective for type-1 diabetes because it works with and relies on the ability of the pancreas to make insulin, which is impaired in this disease.

How Safe Is Ozempic®?

Ozempic® has been deemed safe and effective when used as directed by the FDA. However, Ozempic®, like all medications, is associated with some risk of side effects, which are listed on its FDA-approved labeling.

How Much Does Ozempic® for Weight Loss Cost in Miami?

Ozempic® for weight loss is effective; however, when chosen for weight loss, it is often not covered by insurance. Our Careaga Plastic Surgery patient coordinator will explain your payment and financing options after your consultation.

Ozempic® Frequently Asked Questions

  • Weight loss will be slow initially, but it will gradually increase as your doses do. Slowly increasing the dose is the best way to maximize your weight loss with Ozempic®. Starting with a higher dose or increasing it too fast can hinder your progress.

    Ozempic® for weight loss is a healthy way to lose weight, and no crash diets or extreme measures are necessary. It takes time, but you could lose 30 pounds or more by the end of your first year. Closely following your instructions given by Careaga Plastic Surgery and the prescription label’s directions are essential during treatment with Ozempic®.

  • If you want to lose weight and have a BMI of at least 30 or 27 with one or more weight-related health issues, you may be a good candidate for Ozempic®.

    Talk to our team about any oral medications you take, as slower digestion can impact the amount of medicine your body absorbs. Let us know if you plan to start or continue any other weight-loss medications or supplements.

    If you have a family history of thyroid cancer, you may not be a good candidate for Ozempic® as it may increase your risk of some thyroid malignancies.

  • The consumption of the following should be avoided or limited while on Ozempic® for weight loss:

    • Alcohol (especially if you have diabetes).
    • Greasy food.
    • Sweet (sugary) foods and beverages
    • Refined (processed) carbohydrate-rich foods
    • Vegetables and fruits high in sugar
  • The most common side effects of Ozempic® include:

    • Stomach pain
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Constipation
    • Diarrhea

How Can I Learn More About Ozempic® Injections for Weight Loss in Miami, FL?

Call Careaga Plastic Surgery at (305) 960-7511 to schedule an Ozempic® for weight loss consultation.

In the meantime, check out our other services if you are interested in any of our surgical face, breast, body, or non-surgical treatments.

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