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Brazilian Butt Lift Miami, FL

What is a Buttocks Lift/Enhancement (Gluteoplasty)?

Dr. Daniel E. Careaga offers natural buttocks enhancement (gluteoplasty), also known as a “Brazilian Butt Lift,” at his state-of-the-art Careaga Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Careaga’s full service cosmetic services practice is conveniently located in the heart of Miami, Florida, minutes away from the Miami International Airport.

Are you looking to augment, lift, and shape your buttocks to to get a fuller, more feminine backside? Natural Buttocks Enhancement, sculpted by Dr. Daniel E. Careaga, is an advanced technique that uses your own fat to augment your buttocks. Using a specialized technique called the Brazilian Butt Lift, Dr. Daniel E. Careaga can transform your derrière to achieve a sexy silhouette.

Who is a Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Women who want a curvy, shapelier derrière are excellent candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift. Many women, and a growing number of men, who want a curvier, rounder and shapelier rear end are scheduling consultations with Dr. Daniel E. Careaga to learn more about gluteoplasty.

What Results Can I Expect from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

If you want your form fitting clothes, jeans and bikinis to fit properly and show off your curves, a Brazilian Butt Lift can help. Using your own natural fat, Dr. Careaga expertly shapes and augments your buttocks to create your desired shape. You can:

  • AUGMMENT and SHAPE your gluteal muscles to achieve a more rounded butt
  • LIFT and FIRM your butt to achieve a more perfect silhouette

Natural Buttocks Enhancement Consultation Process with Dr. Daniel Careaga

Dr. Daniel E. Careaga’s Buttocks Enhancement Technique and Protocol
As Dr. Daniel E. Careaga explains to his patients who are looking to enhance their buttocks, the most common type of augmentation and shape-altering technique is fat injections or transfers/grafting of your own fat to your buttocks.

Fat grafting/transfer and liposuction are combined to secure (harvest) the fat and achieve the desired shaping to complement the augmentation. Unwanted fat is collected from your abdomen or elsewhere. The fat is processed and sterilized before it is injected into your buttocks through small incisions in each gluteal cheek. The amount of fat cells needed is dependent upon your desired augmentation.

Recovery and Aftercare

Following your Brazilian Butt Lift you must wear a compression garment for about six weeks. Also, Dr. Careaga advises his patients to sleep on their stomach for a week. In most cases, non-athletic activities and driving can be resumed in about five days.

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